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About This Project

Stefanovic1886 is an e-commerce website for sale and promotion of high-quality hand-crafted jewelry.

The client, a leader in jewelry retail and production in South East Europe approached us with an innovative idea to give a chance to individual designers and producers of jewelry to bring their product to the market, while leveraging the technology to bread new ideas from the outside into the company. The client had set a budget and a vision to expand the business model using Inspiron Solution's technological expertise. Being a company highly dependent on brand and storytelling, the software solution had to have seamless design and provide a unique user experience, matching it with those experienced in high-end jewelry stores.

Stefanovic1886 Project

Our Impact


We had assembled a team of a CTO and senior and medium designers and developers to propose the features, design and technologies. After aligning on the mission and specification with the client, we started with the first sprints, professionally employing the agile development philosophy.

With the user in mind, we developed responsive design for both Web and Mobile. Furthermore, we utilized newest technologies and methodologies to develop a fast solution that would be rated high in the Google Index and performed a comprehensive SEO optimization.


By having the team co-located and using our online marketing consultants, we managed to optimize workflows in a way that delivers most value to the customers. Furthermore, by employing a reporting and project tracking system that we have developed for all our projects, we were able to minimize re-work of code, and drive simplicity and quality of code.

The end product software today includes stunning visual representation, enabling the user to really come close to the product in a virtual environment. Furthermore, this e-commerce platform manages to clearly communicate product features and enables high levels of usability, generating returning customers for our client. The software includes an integrated payment system in least possible steps and various customer care features.


On the client side, we have developed a powerful admin panel for uploading products, controlling banners and promotions and managing other appearance related components. Moreover, we have enabled individual artists that want to have access to the platform to do so through feature-packed profiles and accounts. Lastly we have ensured that the platform generates powerful analytics and reports for the client, enabling insights from marketing and other campaigns.

Used Technologies

WordPress, WooCommerce