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About This Project

Energy Premier is a long-term digital transformation project. The first phase of this project includes development of a robust platform for ​sale of electricity online and ​management of electrical bills.​ This includes electrical bill brokerage, electricity auctioning, offer management and many more modules.

The followup stages of this transformation​​ journey​,​ for which ​Energy Premier​ hired Inspiron Solutions over the next few years include building a leading platform for online sale of electricity, digitization of client's sales team, implementation of Inspiron Solutions CRM software solution, archive and server management and many other modules.

Energy Premier Project

Our Impact


As the first phase of the transformation​,​ Energy Premier engaged us to develop an online platform where users can open an account, upload their electricity bills and get a quotation for electricity, whether the user is a company or a person (B2B and B2C orientation). The importance of such an online positioning for Energy Premier goes far beyond the obvious fact that it is an opening of a whole new sales channel - it also represents a change of business model setup and a key differentiation of the client in a commodity trading business​. On the Energy Premier's side, it also allows management of the tender processes in which a buyer can open a tender or an auction for purchasing electricity and then use a broker to define the best offer.


Having designed the whole several-years long digital transformation journey, we have detailed out this first phase of the project and applied agile sprint planning to design the workflows. After this, we have initiated the designing process where we heavily focused on user-friendliness and communication. We decided on what would be the best technologies and programming languages (php and cloud) and initiated the designing process. Along the way, we made sure that the client is fully compliant with the laws and regulations that are particularly important in the industry. We then developed the needed features across the steps a user would pass through and made sure that the follow-up features in the following stages of transformation fall both within the same code and within the client's current IT setup.​​


Today, Energy Premier is proud to be truly differentiated from the competition and to have a clear strategy on how to set their business model for digital challenges ahead. The features of the software allow a user to go through an easy clearly-communicated process and upload their bills and billing details. The software then records this information and analyzes it. After additional inspection by ​Energy Premier's ​employees, a ​quotation process is opened where through gathering of offers, tenders or auctioning, a user ​can​​​​ open the full features of hers or his profile, including monitoring ​of ​consumption and spend, having full time customer support, checking out what other products they can buy online and other. ​On the other hand, Energy Premier can have a clear panel for sales and broker employees, measure effectiveness, and have structured communication with users. ​The whole process thus ​creates one key sales channel for the client.

Used Technologies

PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework, Bootstrap Framework.