Drive Drive Car Mobile App

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About This Project

To truly lead the technological revolution of transportation industry we decided to introduce it both on mobile (android and iOS) and web. We have developed our own feature-rich app for peer - to - peer vehicle rental.

We believe in the potential of the sharing economy and how it can be advanced from everyone's pocket - from a smartphone app. We also believe peer to peer car renting is not only beneficial ecologically and economically, but when delivered in a multi-channel web&app fashion it offers powerful features such as messaging, reviews, on demand searches, notifications, engagement, insurance coverage and many more things. With this mission in mind we had put our top mobile team together.

Drive Drive Car Project

Our Impact


We new our team had to come from both designer and developer backgrounds, from both business and IT backgrounds and from all development levels including senior, medium and junior developers. Such a versatile team demanded rigorous planning and organization management both deployed through the Agile development methodology. For the team, this meant a detailed plan, list of features, a schedule of sprints and frequent tests. Moreover, we ensured the teams are all co-located in our creativity-enabled office so communication, transparency and synergies are maximized.


With a feature-packed app like Drive Drive Car, quality, process and frequent previews are a must. We shortened our development cycles through iterative development and quick product-design convergence. Furthermore, we ensured we entered the user's mind by having an end-product usability focus. We also wanted to keep our code architecture lean and simple so it can be expanded later so we maintained collective code ownership and ensured expert input. Lastly another helpful method we used with the same goal was ensuring code simplicity by setting up design patterns and driving code re-use.


The end product was a feature-packed, powerful, multi-channel smartphone app (Android and iOS) and web platform. The app is very easy to use, intuitively designed by our own designers and packed with options and tools, backed through cloud solutions. It offers the possibility to the user to rent their vehicle, find a vehicle to use, check their car or rental analytic, leave reviews or search with multiple options, understand insurance packages, seamlessly perform transactions, all with little clicks through engaging design. Moreover it also includes card, paypal and mobile payments and an administrator/ CRM panel with analytic at hand.

Used Technologies

iOS SDK, Android SDK