Drive Drive Car

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About This Project

We are taking part in the technological revolution of the transportation industry. We have bravely developed our very own sophisticated platform for peer - to - peer vehicle rental.

We saw great potential in the latest sharing economy and its application in car renting. Furthermore, we believed peer - to - peer car renting will be a solution to the ecological problems (average car is parked 90% of time), extend people an additional source of income and have a good cause for the world. With this cause in mind we put together our top team to deliver this robust platform on time.

Drive Drive Car Project

Our Impact


Our team for DriveDriveCar was composed of programmers and designers from all levels, including senior, medium and junior to drive both efficiency and rigorous planning and organization management. In accordance to the Agile Development methodology, one of the key methodologies of work employed at Inspiron Solutions, we immediately laid out a plan of sprints and started assigning teams to the sprints. Furthermore, we ensured the teams were co-located in order to build on transparency and efficiency.


With quality targets set early in the process we worked with frequent and early previews. The iterative development enabled us to have short cycles and therefore quick product design convergence. Having the customer constantly in mind, we ensured an end-product focus through continuous integration and test-driven development. Furthermore, with the goal of keeping architecture lean and simple, we maintained collective code ownership. Lastly, we ensured further quality and code simplicity by setting up design patterns and securing code re-use.


From our devotion, we were able to develop a multi channel platform enabled on the web and for iOS and Android devices. The solution offers an easy to use, cloud based, beautifully designed gateway for the visitors to both rent their vehicle and find vehicles of others. It features a powerful and detailed search engine, visual personal statistics for each account owner, an automated communication system and an opportunity to manage digital marketing plans for each of the vehicles using the profile. Moreover, the system features card payments, insurance e-commerce, and an administrator/ CRM panel including powerful analytic. We believe that the end product represents a cutting edge platform in the industry.

Used Technologies

PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework, Bootstrap Framework.